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Re: [IP] Re: a would-be pumper

Hi Katherine, I must admit to not having investigated insurance options
fully yet. However, I think my impression is right, and this is based
oln talking to other pump users here. My insurance which is considered
to be fairly good in New Zealand would not cover the pump or pump
supplies, except insulin which is always covered. You see any
"apparatus" do not seem to be covered by normal policies. I guess there
could be an insurance company that would cover but it would probably be
very expensive in premiums and an employer wold probably not cover this.
But there is no harm in asking!!!
The only financial assistance I have heard of is a disability allowance
for those earning less than $21,000 pa.
Hope this helps. But I need to look into my policies a bit more to just
make sure.
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Mary Evans
P.O.Box 1364, Wellington, New Zealand
ph 64-4-387 9560, 64-25-738 217

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