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Re: [IP] All the WRONG Reasons for NOT PUMPING


Where is Dr.Edward J. Meyer located?



Tina Farrell (Tina) wrote:

> Renee,
> Thanks for a well-reasoned and passionate story. Yes, there are still a lot
> of well meaning, but misinformed authority figures out there that put up
> roadblocks. I hope the best for that kid and his family. And yes, I thought
> I'd never find a dr to prescribe a pump, because my endo at the time (5 yrs
> ago) did not believe pumps gave any better results than multiple
> injections, and he's diabetic himself! Maybe he's right for some people,
> but there are so many reasons why we all love our pumps, he's gotta be
> wrong for a lot of us too.
> I just got lucky when another diabetic told me about my current MD, also
> diabetic, who wears a pump himself and is a very strong advocate. His name
> is Edward J. Meyer, in case anyone in the SF Bay Area is interested.
> I must admit to a secret worry -- that is that if I don't do well on the
> pump, i.e. at least keeping in the 7 to 7.5 range, that someone will decide
> to take my pump away. That would be very depressing.
> Tina
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