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Re: [IP] Minimed 507C Upgrade Information


I have a 506 and will be getting a 507C if my rep ever calls me back.  He
said there was a $500 trade in.  When I up-graded from a 504-S, there was
no trade-in allowance.  I am out of warranty and paying cash and in Canada,
so I don't know if the allowance applies to all.


Sam wrote:
>From what I understand, if there is any trade-in program it is
>extremely minimal. Since the MM507c is only minimally different
>from the 507, I doubt that your insurance would pick up the cost
>either. Normally, I think that most folks wait until after their
>current pumps go out of warranty before considering getting a
>new one. I would assume that the Disetronic policy is similar.

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