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Re: [IP] pumping siblings!!

At 09:16 AM 10/29/1998  Delaine M. Wright wrote:
>	Hi all!  :)  I have some exciting news to share!!  Perhaps
>of you
>remember me discussing when I first joined the list last
>that my
>sister (also a Type 1 who would very much benefit) would not
>the pump... and in fact, would not even ask me anything about
>as she
>considered me "too enthusiastic & biased"  *lol*. 

Sounds like my younger sister, who is also diabetic and on MDI.
I talked to her today and she actually started to sound mildly
interested... however, there is a potential problem. She uses
animal-based insulin because of extreme insensitivity to low BG
(she's been diabetic for over 40 years). Can she use this type
of product with a pump? If so, I may get her pumping yet.


Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/