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Re: [IP] New Info Record Questions

Yeah, I agree.  My HbA1C's have gone down since I joined IP and I even
checked to see if IP was part of the reason.  I signed off the list for 6
weeks this summer and found my control went out the window without the
support and information.  My HbA1C went up .6 for the period accordingly.
(HbA1C pre IP= 9+, 1 month after joining IP = 8.7, 4 months after joining
IP = 7.9, after signing off = 8.5, 3 months after coming back = 7.1).  IP
seems to help me be honest with myself, encourages me to do my best, and
gives me lots of ideas about what is going on with problems I could never
figure out before.

type 1, 19 years
pump, almost 14 years

>     OK, Michael, I think you should add another category of questions for
>     the Information Records:  HbA1c's BEFORE joining Insulin-Pumpers and
>     AFTER joining Insulin-Pumpers.  My results just dropped from 7.8 to
>     7.1 after joining the group!  I'm still not "normal" (attention:
>     wise-crack opportunity!), but I'm continually moving in the right
>     direction since I've been on the pump.  Thanks everybody for the
>     support and encouragement we all share!
>     -David

email @ redacted                             Vancouver, BC, Canada

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