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Re: [IP] Local ADA


I used to live further north in Sonoma County (1 hour north of San
Francisco). The community up there apparently got so fed up with what the
ADA was offering locally that they started up their own organization. I
joined both (ADA chapter and local society) when I was diagnosed and there
was no comparison! The ADA is pretty much as you describe -- they're not
really grassroots, at least in my experience. Now I live just south of the
San Francisco Bay. And the situation is the same. If I want useful services
I turn to the local society, not the ADA. So what am I saying? Although it
involves tons of effort, you may want to start your own group. I've done
several rides for the ADA (Tour de Cure) and attended other events, but
never have gotten much in the way of warm fuzzies. They do lots of good
work, but there is room for other organizations -- a lot of room.

I now serve on the Marketing Board of my local org -- trying to help out at
least a little.

Your friend 'Sam' <G>!

At 7:47 AM 10/29/98, Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:
>The saddest thing is our local ADA.....it is purely a "high social" status
>group. I joined naturally as soon as I got here, talked with the director
>and asked to be notified for all events as my company and myself would
>work hard for ADA.  My company is very charitable to a large number of
>groups.  I have asked several times for flyers for bikeathon, flyers for
>local events, and to be involved in the activities.   I get no notice at
>all...I am never notified, read about it Forecast...and this means that
>the local ADA is missing out on hundreds of dollars a years that I could
>easily raise.  I am not even invited to the big social fundraiser (I am in
>the wrong income group) they have every year.  Now mind you, I do contact
>the director and ask to be put on the list and notified so I can help.
>She even lost my membership check one time.  Every time I call to ask when
>I will get a flyer, or whatever,  I get a lousy excuse - Oh, we have been
>so busy, we must moved, etc.    I now send my membership dues to the
>National office.   This is typical of the south and the way things are
>done here.  What a waste!!

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