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[IP] pumping siblings!!

	Hi all!  :)  I have some exciting news to share!!  Perhaps some of you
remember me discussing when I first joined the list last November that my
sister (also a Type 1 who would very much benefit) would not even *consider*
the pump... and in fact, would not even ask me anything about it as she
considered me "too enthusiastic & biased"  *lol*.  <Delaine lovingly rolls
her eyes at younger sisters!>  Well.  I got a phone call last night... and
she asked me what I thought about color, infusion sets, tubing lengths, etc.
WOW!!  I am SOOO excited!!!  :)  My sister gets her pump shipped to her on
Tuesday next week!  *grin*  Soon, I promise(!), I'll have her on this list!!
Yippeee!!  Anyone else out there have a pumping sibling??


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