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Re: [IP] Minimed susceptible to electro-static discharge?

At 11:32 PM 10/28/1998  Tina Farrell  (Tina) wrote:
>Whoa! I think Disetronic better be careful if their rep truly 
>said this --
>this is not true, in my 4 years of pumping and meeting many 
>others who
>pump. What is true is that the two companies are very
>in wooing

Yes, as I've said before, a good competent sales rep does not
need to stoop to bashing the competition... especially spreading
partial untruths. Each pump has plenty of good features that can
be easily demonstrated. The sales person that shows the most
knowledge and willingness to provide quality service will win
more than enough sales. 

Good information and service is often as important as the
product itself. What is the good of having a fantastic pump, if
the after-sales service is horrible. Pumps should not be sold
like used cars.

(Psst!! Wanna buy a pump cheap? It only has 5,000 miles on it
and was used by a little old lady who just wore it to church on

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