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[IP] Minimed service

Goodday Folks:

                 I offically start pumping one week from today. Can't
wait!!!! It's been a long drawn out time. My appointment at the endo
office was changed 3 times. November 5,1998 will be a day to remember.

                Anyway, last night I took my pump out of the box to give
it another try with saline solution and I discovered that my screen on
the pump was blank. This is the third time this has happened. I received
the pump one month ago and of course I have been "playing" with it to
learn the in's and out's of this wonderful machine. Anyway, I had to
replace the batteries one week after I got the pump then I had to
replace the batteries 11/2 weeks after that and again last night they
needed to be replaced AGAIN. Well, i knew that this was not normal
considering that I have not used the pump hardly at all. I called
Minimed help line and I must say that the service that I got was the
BEST. The lady from Minimed was knowledgeable, nice and understandable.
She figured that my pump is over active and is drawing too much power
from the batteries. So, Minimed is sending me a new pump. I was very
impressed with the service.

               November 5,1998 is a new beginning for me and my family.
I hope that the pump offers me the wonderful benefits that all of you
helpful people have got from it.


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