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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advocacy and the ADA

Ted Quick wrote:
>Tina Farrell (Tina) wrote:
>> Well, how about staking out our own color ribbon? Half kidding here. I
>> think the ribbons are cutesy. But I bet our group could come up with
>> something effective. Enlist Scott King at Diabetes Interview -- he is a
>> very vocal advocate.
>Actually it's been done. Sometime last year the idea was going around about
>wearing a grey ribbon, perhaps with a small red glitter point or stone at
>the crossing of the loop. Think the ADA advocated it then too, but haven't
>heard much about it since.

I don't think the ADA was involved in this advocacy effort. There is a page
about the silver gray ribbon campaign at
http://tenbrooks11.lanminds.com/silver/silver_index.htm. When I was in DC
last year quite a few people were wearing these.

Earlier someone wondered about ADA and contacting the press. I spoke at the
meeting last year and asked for a show of hands from folks who had ever seen
any TV news article or talk show that dealt with diabetes and issues around
it. I got virtually no hands. I asked people what they felt about that and
got a HUGE response which was along the lines of "I wish our media would
give this disease more attention". I initiated a letter writing campaign to
one of the big national talk shows and know that at least 100 letters went
to that show with no response.

I still go back to what I said in my earlier posting. Unless each and every
one of us gets involved and gets those we know involved no one will pay any
attention. For the last two years I have sent press releases to the TV and
print media in Massachusetts to let them know about our Diabetes Day on the
Hill in March of both years. I spoke with editors and reporters and the
message I consistently received was "Our viewers/readers wouldn't be
interested in this".

Last year our State House meeting had around 500 people. This made it the
largest public gathering at the State House all year. We got no press
coverage of any sort. And the reason why is the response from the media that
I received. Unless we make it known that we want to see more about this
disease, nothing will happen.

To those who complain about lack of interest/coverage/etc., and are ready to
blame the ADA or the JDF or anyone else, my question is: How many times have
you visited with your state or federal politicians, how many letters have
you written to them and how many times have you contacted your local media?

If the answer to this question is none, then you may want to ask where the
blame really lies.

Ooops, I just fell off my soapbox again.

The Washington DC meeting next year will be March 7th to March 9th. It's a
really a fun event and well worth attending. Last year I took three unpaid
days off work to be there. Most of the folks I met could not afford the time
or money it took to be there and were really glad they had made it.

I'll post more news about that event when I hear about it. Maybe I'll see
the 144 US members of the IP list there?


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