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Re: [IP] All the WRONG Reasons for NOT PUMPING

   Fear not....my daughter's A1Cs were an impressive mid-6 range a year after
she went on the pump (having been at 8.8. right before beginning pump
therapy)..She remained in the 6s until this past March & then again in June,
when she was 8.7 and 8.9.  Wisely, her compassionate endo just calmly said
he'd like to see better #s, & when we went back in September, she was down to
a 7.2 & has been doing very well this fall. Considering that during those 6
months she was doing "slacker sports" (i.e. sitting on the bench managing the
boys' baseball team in the spring & doing non-strenuous "dance" in the winter)
and that those were the same 6 months during which I was being treated for
breast cancer with surgery, chemo, radiation, complete hair loss, etc. which
MUST have created stress for her, he and we opted to consider it an aberration
& looked towards better times in months ahead. Obviously those high A1Cs were
indicative of out of range bgs, but once again, the beauty of pump therapy is
that she could bolus to bring herself down from the 200s.  Anyone who'd even
dream of "grading" you on your "pump compliance" on the basis of an A1C
shouldn't be seeing pump patients, in my opinion.  It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to realize that many of today's adult Type Is who experienced a
rebellious adolescence with diabetes were unintentionally driven in that
direction by punitive, unrealistic physicians, or frightened parents who felt
chastised by the same "experts". 

regards, Renee 

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