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[IP] Re: gastroporesis/ neuropathy

email @ redacted wrote:
> Don't know if this will be any help to you, but my doctor decided I had
> gastroporesis about 10 years ago with no testing.   Besides odd bg rises in
> the night, I sometimes had the experience of having reactions symptoms while
> still eating or soon after eating.  I had a lot of nausea, particularly in the
> morning, and also morning diarrhea.  From an article in a JDF publication I
> learned the technique of sucking on something for the delayed bg action (I
> think the suggestion was honey, but I usually used hard candy).  The idea is
> that the amylase in the saliva can start things out, and that usually seemed
> enough to get things going.  But the nausea and diarrhea wore me down, and the
> doctor prescribed reglan, which did seem to help it.  But after a few years I
> tried to get along without it (Richard Bernstein claims good control can cure
> it, and I was having good A1c's even with all my fluctuating blood sugars>).
> I don't think I have taken it in about 4 years, although I have recently been
> having lots and lots of nausea and both the doctor who prescribed the reglan
> (who is a family practice doctor) and the two diabetologists I have seen this
> year have wanted me to go back on it, or if not that, propulsid.  When I
> mentioned to one (the one I like) that I was never tested, she led me to
> believe the tests weren't that good anyway -- and I certainly was not anxious
> to go through it if it was not necessary.  (I did have a sonogram to rule out
> some other possible causes).
> I just went on the pump last week, and I guess I am hoping that things will be
> sufficiently better that it will go away again.  Hope springs eternal.
> Good luck.
> Linda Zottoli
> diagnosed at age 8 in 1955
Thanks for responding Linda.  I have already cancelled this test once
but my endo seems to feel it's necessary prior to trying me on Propulsid
(or whatever it is - he keeps talking a out).  I have all those symptoms
too - unexplained nightime highs, diarhea, nausea- and I'm pretty worn
down too.  All this has happened since my recent surgery in July and I
was hoping (?) my problems were related to that.  My most recent Ha1c
was 8.5 - the worst I've had since starting on the pump a year ago.  For
me the pump hasn't been 'a piece of cake' (sugar free or otherwise).  I
have had problems - not that I want to go back to MDI - but the thought
has crossed my mind.  I don't think this new endo will give me a
prescription for gastroparesis without the test.  Guess it can't hurt to
Thanks again.

Sara, I do think that Neuropathy does feel like fire in the feet, but
also know that long days (or nights) tripping the light fantastic (who
came up with that one?) or it's modern day equivalent (aerobics) can 
cause a similar effect.  Similar but not the same.  My neuropathy hurts-
it's hot too but it feels more like someone is putting out their
cigarette on my foot- stabbing it out in fact - keeps you awake.  I
daresay your toosies are just plum tuckered out and all the little nerve
endings may be shocked to boot!    Easy there. Save your energy for
joining the rest of us 'pushy broads' who are going to tackle Diabetes
Education in America.

Every time I think my diabetes is a real pain I hear from someone like
you who makes my issues seem so small.  Best of luck.  Hang in there and
I'll keep you in my prayers.  Thanks for the info.

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