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[IP] burning feet

I, too am one hot mama, but the burning in the balls of my feet when I =
walked my four miles a day almost killed me.   Several different diagnosis,=
 none was neuropathy (sp?), one was Morton's Neuroma, a problem with the =
second and third toes in each foot causing friction and the burning, =
second was the large callusses on the balls of my feet, third was no =
diagnosis but the ortho sent me to have special shoe inserts made that =
lifted up the area just behind the ball of my foot and this solved the =
problem.  Now I have 4 different shoe inserts for daily wear and keep a =
pair in my exercise walking tennis shoes and I do not have the problem any =
more.  One specialist made the inserts for $150 from doctor's RX.  I paid =
up front and was reimbursed later.  The other several pair were $25 each =
and I just put them as a deduction on my income tax.  All of this was =
worth the results of those shoe inserts that prevent the burning - also, I =
forgot, I don't wear high heels at all anymore.  They are the worst thing =
for that problem and it took me a year to work my way to not wearing them =
at all.  Now I would never go back to that torture chamber of a shoe =
designed by some Italian man in order to make his mistresses legs and butt =
look sexier.  SOOOO, check with your ortho doc about the burning.=20

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