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[IP] Local ADA

The saddest thing is our local ADA.....it is purely a "high social" status =
group. I joined naturally as soon as I got here, talked with the director =
and asked to be notified for all events as my company and myself would =
work hard for ADA.  My company is very charitable to a large number of =
groups.  I have asked several times for flyers for bikeathon, flyers for =
local events, and to be involved in the activities.   I get no notice at =
all...I am never notified, read about it Forecast...and this means that =
the local ADA is missing out on hundreds of dollars a years that I could =
easily raise.  I am not even invited to the big social fundraiser (I am in =
the wrong income group) they have every year.  Now mind you, I do contact =
the director and ask to be put on the list and notified so I can help.   =
She even lost my membership check one time.  Every time I call to ask when =
I will get a flyer, or whatever,  I get a lousy excuse - Oh, we have been =
so busy, we must moved, etc.    I now send my membership dues to the =
National office.   This is typical of the south and the way things are =
done here.  What a waste!!

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