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Re: [IP] All the WRONG Reasons for NOT PUMPING


Thanks for a well-reasoned and passionate story. Yes, there are still a lot
of well meaning, but misinformed authority figures out there that put up
roadblocks. I hope the best for that kid and his family. And yes, I thought
I'd never find a dr to prescribe a pump, because my endo at the time (5 yrs
ago) did not believe pumps gave any better results than multiple
injections, and he's diabetic himself! Maybe he's right for some people,
but there are so many reasons why we all love our pumps, he's gotta be
wrong for a lot of us too.

I just got lucky when another diabetic told me about my current MD, also
diabetic, who wears a pump himself and is a very strong advocate. His name
is Edward J. Meyer, in case anyone in the SF Bay Area is interested.

I must admit to a secret worry -- that is that if I don't do well on the
pump, i.e. at least keeping in the 7 to 7.5 range, that someone will decide
to take my pump away. That would be very depressing.


Tina Farrell
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