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Re: [IP] Leftover Cartridge Insulin

Ah, but I am not using the syringe more than once. All I was discussing is
making any unused insulin in the about-to-be-discarded syringe available to
fill up the fresh syringe.

Not to say I haven't occasionally reused a syringe, but I don't usually. I
haven't noticed any alarms going off, but MiniMed is pretty emphatic about
not doing this. I figure 7 days on one syringe is already a pretty good
usage and yes, MiniMed does not warrant good sealing or operation if
someone reuses the syringe.

At 3:28 PM 10/27/98, Russell Smith wrote:
>        By using the syringe more than once, would'nt it be
>possible to get an A-35 alarm due to the lack of lubrication
>on the inside of the syringe ?
>Russell Smith

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