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Re: [IP] Spare insulin


It's true that if you use up the insulin in the syringe until you get a no
delivery alarm, there is not much there -- just what's in the tubing. And I
draw it back as you describe. I would never reverse the flow while still

I average about 32 U a day/224 u per week, and I fill up the syringe to the
full 300 U, so yes, I do usually have some leftover insulin. The reason I
don't just keep the set in longer than the week is that I really don't
tolerate the sites longer than 3-4 days. The 2/1 Silhouettes work great for
me. It's not that I'm on a rigid weekly schedule. Of course, when I'm sick
I run out in shorter times than the week.

At 1:14 PM 10/27/98, Christene Ullom wrote:
>Oh what do to do with that spare insulin? You can always just change the
>infusion set, and use the same reservoir until the supply of insulin is
>gone.  This way you are not contaminating insulin, But after 5 days. (
>MiniMed only says to use insulin up to a max. of 3 days)  I completely
>change out the reservoir even if there is insulin remaining. But usually I
>don't have any insulin left.  As mentioned here before, I'll do this only
>with a disconnectable set.  I will disconnect, and then draw up the insulin
>from the tubing into the reservoir. I will not use the insulin that has been
>in the canula under my skin.  This to me would be contaminated.  Never draw
>up the insulin while connected.  This would then damage skin.  Don't think
>we need any help in that department.
>Christene Ullom
>"Sell crazy someplace else - we're all stocked up here" - Jack Nicholson
>from "As Good As It Gets"

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