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Re: [IP] Gastro-Paresis Questions

Its actually not too yucky.  The sandwhich or scrambled eggs are just a
little bland but don't taste bad.  One time I had to drink something, not as
pleasant.  The slightly hard part is lying still but even that is not too
bad. The yucky part is those stomach emptying meds.  You might be interested
to know too about other ways to help control gastroparesis so you can use
the meds less.  You can e-mail me privately if you are interested.


VERUHL wrote:

> Greetings-
> My Blood Sugars at night have been all over the place- lots of lows
> followed by highs- a mess.  My endo is talking about being tested for
> gastro-paresis.  I know it has to do withe nerve endings in the 'tummy'
> not responding like they did in days of yore (been diabetic over 33
> years) - and that there's medication available to help the stomach empty
> faster but what about that test - swallowing Radio-Active material in a
> sandwich somes very nasty indeed - I don't want that in my body.  Any
> other options?    Write soon- the test is set for Friday, the 30th.
> Also what are the other symptoms?  Are there any FAQ's available -
> somewhere?   Thanks.
> Dianne

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