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Re: [IP] conserve the leftover insulin

At 8:39 AM 10/26/98, Bonnie  RICHARDSON wrote:
>Yes I do this, always have (for two years) and have never had a problem.
>When I mentioned it on the list, it got a lot of negative feedback, but,
>you know, whatever works.....  My Diabetes Educator recommended it.  After
>all the insulin is not contaminated, it has been in the tubing and is
>going back in the bottle.  I re-use it in the next fill.  I too have had
>no problems.

Thanks Bonnie.

I found out recently that Educators worry about the insulin going bad, even
after only 48 hours loaded in the pump. The one I talked to recently was
shocked that I only load once a week, although with the Silhouettes I
change sites mid-week. I wasn't about to share the practice we been
speaking of, that we both agree makes sense.


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