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Re: [IP] leave the old set in

I believe you. This only confirms my suggestion to avoid changing sets just
after a bolus. I suppose I have never noticed a problem because I usually
follow the training I was taught -- change the set first thing in the
morning -- though the main reason given is to be on guard for a faulty
insertion during the waking hours.

At 9:28 PM 10/25/98, Michael wrote:
>On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Tina Farrell wrote:
>> Leaving the old set in as Michael describes doesn't seem to me to guarantee
>> that the insulin remaining in the set will move into the body. After all,
>> it no longer has the pressure behind it to 'push' it into the body.
>It is not the insulin in the set that you are worried about. That stays
>in the set anyway. It is the insulin that is in the tissue in a 'pool'
>that has not yet been absorbed. If it leaks out when you remove the set,
>you can not absorb it. If you really must see for yourself, bolus for a
>meal, immediately remove the set, and watch the little drop appear at the
>wound. I don't recommend this, but..... if you really have to see to
>believe, that's one way to do it. <vbg>

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