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Re: [IP] foot ulcers

Hello Sara re you feet, it sounds like neuropathy. I have been there,
fortunately mine wasn't too painful but I couldn't walk around in bare feet.
Now all feeling has gone so I could walk on red hot coals and not feel them,
the smell might not be too good.  It might pay to look up
<http://www.nsd.uib.no/yngve/helse/neuropat.shtml> It is a bit too complex
for me after page 2 but it may help to put you on the right road.
Re Dons query about foot ulcers I once spent 8 days in a hospital bed while
early indications of ulcers were dealt with.  Rule 1 is keep the area clear
of pressure, thus do not walk on it. Seek medical assistance.  There is some
useful information at <www.regranex.com> on a new cream cleared by FDA.
Regards Alan Reed - Hope to start pumping next month.
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