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Re: [IP] Gastro-Paresis Questions

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Pumpers & Friends,
    Sorry, I will get to writing the FAQ soon, but I'm having a bad time =
myself. Sorry but no the gastic emptying study is the best way to check =
it out. Most of the time you eat eggs with radioactive salt it takes =
about an hour to four hours to do. You  are time to see how long it =
takes for it to move thur the gut. On Thursday, I will be going to have =
one of the four hour test done on me. This will be the second one I have =
had done in a week the last one I got sick and fail for they stop it.  =
They do check to see that everything is out. As far as I know =
radioactive is very low about what you get from X-rays . I wish you =
luck. This is the last pre-op test before I go in for a gastric =
pacemaker. I  am starting on my seven month on IV's, I stop taking TPN =
last month because of the  infections. Everyone , (not just the =
ladies,Sara) I have a great way of losing weight go on TPN for a week  =
or two I lost alittle over 78lbs on it.=20
    My friends, I need some help from the group a wish, a pray, a good =
thought. After 21yrs of DM this old body is giving up on me. I have had =
so form of gastroparesis long before I got DM but it was me getting DM =
that made it bad. I have done everything the Doctors can think of to do. =