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Re: [IP] Re: Fwd: six year old and the pump

Beth wrote:

> So, because my son is too young to make any decisions on his own, he has to
> be denied this incredible technology that could prevent complications, which
> may arise before he is even old enough to make the decision himself?  

Well put, Beth!  This is exactly the feeling I had before deciding Kayla
would get a pump.  I never even considered that she wouldn't get one,
and I was perfectly willing to wage an all out war of words with her
endo if he said, "No."  Luckily, after months of research, I approached
him and matter-of-factly told him exactly how Kayla would benefit more
from the pump than MDI.  I gave a mini-presentation on all that I knew
about pumps and small children.  And my months of research and
preparation for that show-down-day-with-the-endo paid off.  Kayla
started pumping and life is good again!

> I am determined to do what is best for my child and to let him enjoy as many
> of the benefits of living in this "technological" age as possible.  I have
> been doing research and trying to contact as many parents of kids who
> started pumping when they were toddlers as I can find.  And, I am very
> grateful for all of the support and encouragement that I have received,
> especially from the members of the Insulin Pumpers mailing list.

It sounds like you are doing everything that you need to do to make an
informed decision.  It may take several 'discussions' before your endo
agrees to a pump, but don't be discouraged.  If you truly find that a
pump is the best choice for your son, stick to your goal and you will
achieve it.

Good luck!

mom of Kayla - 5yo pumper

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/