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Re: [IP] Gastro-Paresis Questions

> Greetings-
> My Blood Sugars at night have been all over the place- lots of lows
> followed by highs- a mess.  My endo is talking about being tested for
> gastro-paresis.  I know it has to do withe nerve endings in the 'tummy'
> not responding like they did in days of yore (been diabetic over 33
> years) - and that there's medication available to help the stomach empty
> faster but what about that test - swallowing Radio-Active material in a
> sandwich somes very nasty indeed - I don't want that in my body.  Any
> other options?    Write soon- the test is set for Friday, the 30th. 
> Also what are the other symptoms?  Are there any FAQ's available -
> somewhere?   Thanks.  

Several, do a search of Medline (see the SEARCH page)
and take a look at the material under Other Diabetes Links on the 
LINKS page.  You want the Center for Disease Control doctor and 
patient guides.

email @ redacted

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