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Re: [IP] foot ulcers

> Sara,
> I have the same problem with my feet when I work out.  When I ask my doctor
> about it, he does not think it is neuropathy.  I have no other symptoms of it
> when he tests my feet.  It sure would be nice.  It makes it very hard for me
> to work out on my feet very long!  What a bummer!
> Bet Smith

I'm no expert, but having read the material on neuropathy, it sounds 
like some of the symptoms

Take a look on the LINKS page of the web site under 

Other Diabetes Links
    Center for Disease Control
         CDC Guide for Primary Care Practioners
         Taking Charge of your Diabetes (patient guide)

Both of the last to references describe the symptoms for neuropathy. 
The doctor guide goes into the technical details of various 
manifestations of the problems.

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