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Re: [IP] Diabetes Advocacy and the ADA

At 05:55 AM 10/28/1998  Bernard Farrell wrote:
>Sam, I don't think you should be blaming the ADA for the lack
>The ADA is only an organization made up of, and representing 
>their, members.
>If the members themselves don't take up the cause, then there's

>not much the
>ADA can do. And believe me, they do a lot. At the Washington 
>event last
>spring the speaker of the house Newt Gingrich came at spoke to
>lunchtime. A hall of over 500 people. What press coverage did
>get? Zero.
>Nothing. If he had done the same for a meeting of people with 
>cancer, or
>some other chronic disease, I think I'd have seen more.

So was the press notified? There are techniques that do work...
maybe the ADA people need to talk to the AIDS and the Cancer
people to find out how they do it.


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