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Re: [IP] Re: Fwd: six year old and the pump


So, because my son is too young to make any decisions on his own, he has to
be denied this incredible technology that could prevent complications, which
may arise before he is even old enough to make the decision himself?

I am determined to do what is best for my child and to let him enjoy as many
of the benefits of living in this "technological" age


Go for it! Steph was 8 when we began looking into the pump, and we were told
" she's way too young"! Our then endo acted like we would give her the pump
and from that point on we would not be involved in her diabetes management.
(As if we'd have given her a bottle of insulin, some syringes and said see
ya later!) During our ultimately successful quest for the pump we
encountered many folks who were opposed for one reason or another. You have
to be your child's advocate. No one else cares the way you do and no one
else understands your child and situation as well as you. Keep your chin up,
and good luck!

Betsy, mom of Stephanie, who's really looking forward to Halloween now that
she has a pump (being a mom of a pumper who can have some of her junk is way

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