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[IP] Service at MM/HMS

Has anyone else experienced a marked deterioration of service in ordering =
supplies from Home Medical Supply since Minimed bought them out?   I =
ordered 4 bxs Silhouettes on 10/19, the order was not processed for 4 =
days, I called to check, took 2 more phone calls from them to verify =
insurance (same insurance for two years) and was promised delivery Monday =
10/26 by Fed Ex.   Guess what, it is Wednesday, no delivery and I am out =
of Sils!  On my last order I had similar problems.  What is happening =
The only thing that keeps me from changing is the nice monthly payment =
plan I set up with the former director.  It works so well for me.   Also, =
it is nice that they bill my insurance and I only get a bill for the 20% I =
have to pay (after $300 deductible).  But, the service, Geez, all to =
personal service from HMS is gone and these are just robots that never =
talk to each other.  Is this the way of the world now??? =20

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