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[IP] Re:e.coli ?

Bonnie, e coli is a general term for a kind of bacteria.  It's like telling
someone you got a dog for a pet--there are nice dogs and mean dogs.  There
are some very lethal forms of e coli and others that are probably thriving
in your mouth as we speak, er, type.  :-)  Not to worry.  They don't use
the bad forms to make the insulin.
- -wm

<<<<<<<From: Ted Quick <email @ redacted>

Bonnie RICHARDSON wrote:
> >>>  However, Humalog
> is made from e.coli and <<<<<
> Huh?   The same stuff that kills folks in h'burg meat?? How did this
>wonderful serindipity come about?

As I understand it scientists found that E Coli can easily be used as a carrier
for rDNA work. Of course they DO kill the virus before bottling (vialing?) it!
Ted Quick>>>>>>>>

- -Wayne 

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