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[IP] The pump and kids and Renee's true story

As most of you may have read, Lauren's (12) life and temperament changed
dramatically when she went on the pump 4 months ago.  Because other
pumpers' positive influence made the difference between whether Lauren
tried the pump, I feel like I want to pass the knowledge of the pump on.

Sometimes it is so frustrating.... I have told parents of other D kids
about how wonderful the pump is and they simply say that their docs don't
think it is "right for them."  (and based on what I know about the family
and the child, I have no doubt that the pump is right....e.g., the 13 year
child is constantly vasilating between being "good" and "cheating" to eat
when and what he wants)  I reapproach and feel so pushy, but I firmly
believe that almost any child with parents that are involved in their
child's diabetes and that care about A1cs will benefit beyond comprehension
by going on the pump.

Anyway, Renee, (and others who have responded to Ask the Medical Team),
Lauren and I are with you and will do most anything to further the efforts
to educate families with diabetes (and it is FAMILIES WITH DIABETES, not
just the child) and doctors.  I wish to be pro-active on this issue.  

I wish I could be creative enough to figure out what "concerted activity" 
we could engage in to reach others who are not getting the message about
the benefits of kids pumping.  But if you figure out what might help
further the message, we'll be there to help.

Diane Massey

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/