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Re: [IP] Re: Minimed susceptible to electro-static discharge?

I'm wondering if static would be more of a problem when you don't use a case.
I usually use the case b/c it is less angular than the pump and a little more
discrete and also b/c I've always assumed (for no actual real reason) that the
case would protect the pump from accidents like someone near you spilling grape
juice on it or whatever.  Of course, only once has anything been actually
spilled on my pump anyway but oh well.  A number of people on the list talked
about not wearing a case a while back.  Do disetronic users wear a case?  It
sounds like the case the pump itself is installed in is a little bulkier than
the minimed and might therefore be more protective.

email @ redacted wrote:

>      Trifona,
>      I've been using the Minimed 507 for 20 months now, and have only had
>      one static problem.  It occurred when I was going down a plastic slide
>      with my daughter at the park.  I was wearing my pump on my hip, and so
>      it rubbed on the slide going down.  Got the alarm, but fixed the issue
>      within minutes.  Certainly not 8 hours.
>      -David
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