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[IP] Service at MM/HMS

Has anyone else experienced a marked deterioration of service in ordering supplies from Home Medical Supply since Minimed bought them out?   I ordered 4 bxs Silhouettes on 10/19, the order was not processed for 4 days, I called to check, took 2 more phone calls from them to verify insurance (same insurance for two years) and was promised delivery Monday 10/26 by Fed Ex.   Guess what, it is Wednesday, no delivery and I am out of Sils!  On my last order I had similar problems.  What is happening there?
The only thing that keeps me from changing is the nice monthly payment plan I set up with the former director.  It works so well for me.   Also, it is nice that they bill my insurance and I only get a bill for the 20% I have to pay (after $300 deductible).  But, the service, Geez, all to personal service from HMS is gone and these are just robots that never talk to each other.  Is this the way of the world now???  

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