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Re: [IP] When is a $2 billion raise bad?

> So, why isn't the ADA better educating both the population and
> our Congressmen? Why aren't they leading loud protests? If there
> were lots more news conferences, marches and TV spots, maybe it
> would be 25% not 2.5% I don't think the average person has a
> clue as to the number of people killed by diabetes. Maybe if the
> facts were more visible, things would be different.

The ADA finally realized that they needed to be focusing more on these
very issues, but they can't do it alone.  Another reason the other
groups are getting so much more is because they have very vocal
supporters in the rank and file.  That's why I urge each of you to get
involved.  Write a letter, send an e-mail, make a phone call.  It only
takes a few minutes, yet if enough of us make just one contact, the
numbers will add up quickly.  GET INVOLVED!!!  (please, or I'll remove
you're dot  <vbg>)


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