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Re: [IP] Minimed susceptible to electro-static discharge?

At 05:28 PM 10/27/1998  trifona wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I was taking to my local Disetronic representative in my quest 
>finding my soon to be SUPER-pump.  She told me that for some 
>reason the
>Minimed model can easily be shocked as when we all do during
>months, walkin on carpets, touching the car door, etc.

I think all electronic devices are sensitive to strong static
discharge. However, I have never heard that the current models
of the MiniMed were any more susceptible than the Disetronic. I
would enjoy reading any scientific comparison based on real-life
situations. In fact, I recall reading that the exterior case of
the MiniMed is designed specifically to reduce such problems...
and I would assume that Disetronics does the same. My MiniMed
507 has never any problems with static.

Personally, I would never believe what any salesman says about
the competing product. In fact, any sales person that stoops to
bashing the competition is suspect in my eyes. A good product
sells itself! Have you asked your MiniMed rep to respond to this
charge? (pun intended)


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