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Re: [IP] When is a $2 billion raise bad?

At 05:20 PM 10/27/1998  Kasey Sikes wrote:
>USA Gang:
>Just received a copy of this e-mail and it made my blood boil.
>each of you is equally outraged and will contact your
>to do
>something about it.  

There are three reasons why I think this happens. One is that
we're far less vocal than the other groups. The second is that
there is a false impression in the general population that
insulin or pills "cure" diabetes. The third reason is that there
is a gross misconception that people get diabetes due to
overeating or too many sweets (i.e. it's your own fault). 

So, why isn't the ADA better educating both the population and
our Congressmen? Why aren't they leading loud protests? If there
were lots more news conferences, marches and TV spots, maybe it
would be 25% not 2.5% I don't think the average person has a
clue as to the number of people killed by diabetes. Maybe if the
facts were more visible, things would be different.


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