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[IP] When is a $2 billion raise bad?

USA Gang:

Just received a copy of this e-mail and it made my blood boil.  I hope
each of you is equally outraged and will contact your congressmen to do
something about it.  


When is a $2 billion raise bad?

A: When 2.5% goes to diabetes while 23% goes to cancer, 13% goes to AIDS
and 9% goes to heart

You're probably hearing about the $2 billion budget increase for medical
research at the
National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Congress, and others, are so very
happy about this.
People with diabetes shouldn;t be happy about this.  Why?

Diabetes will get just 2.5% of that $2 billion increase.  That's a
minuscule $50 million.
Compare that to AIDS, which will receive $200+ million (13%) of the $2
billion increase.
Remember that AIDS killed 17,000 Americans in 1997 while diabetes killed
more than 180,000.

Cancer will receive $400+ million (23%) of the $2 billion increase. 
That's more than the
entire yearly diabetes research budget of $350 million!  And cancer
organizations are
demanding even more.  They want Congress to double the cancer research
budget to $6 billion
next year!

Will someone please explain to me why people with diabetes should be so
happy with this?  For
the last twelve years, while the NIH budget increased 100%, the diabetes
budget grew just 35%.
Because of that scientists lost almost $1 billion in funding to try and
find a cure.

Now diabetes receives just 2.5% of a $2 billion increase and people with
diabetes supposed to
be happy?  What about making up for the last twelve years of neglect?

This $2 billion does not mean that Congress has made finding a cure for
diabetes a national
priority.  Period.  End of discussion.  And until Congress makes up for
those 12 years of
neglect, we will continue to fight. 

You can help.  Please contact the congressional candidates in your area
and ask them to show
their support by returning the Diabetes '98 Survey.  So far, 477
candidates for Congress (62%)
have returned it.  Your flood of emails last week raised the pressure. 
Keep it up!  Visit our
website at
for details.

Many thanks for your continued support.  Together we can make finding a
cure for diabetes a
national priority.  Please contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Joe LaMountain
National Director of Advocacy
American Diabetes Association
1660 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
(f) 703-549-8748
(e) email @ redacted

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