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Re: [IP] Health Insurance ~~~~

> There is NO time lag allowed by Federal law. If you are going from an existing
> policy,
> Cobra or otherwise, to a new policy with no gap they CAN NOT exclude coverage
> for
> pre-existing conditions.

That's true.  The exceptions though are:

    1).  Some work places still have policies for new hires that have a wait period for
coverage -- I've noticed these seem to be getting shorter.  The most recent ones I've
seen are  a month although a student of mine mentioned one last week with an 11 month
lag.  These are more common in smaller work places.  Large corporation's  policies
don't generally have these problems.

2).  If your coverage has lapsed. That's why you want to make sure the new coverage
picks up at the same time the old one runs out.

> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted
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Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/