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Re: [IP] Stress and Basal Rates

> I have a question.  My daughter was just approved for the pump.  She
> wants to get the soft-set so that she can use the soft-serter.  But,
> she does not have a whole lot of fat on her.  will she have
> difficulty using the soft-serter? She is 12 years old  5 ft. 7 in
> and 117 lbs.  I am afraid that she may not want the pump if she has
> to manually insert the needle.  Any suggestions.  I don't know what
> infusion set to order.

Ask MM to send you samples of the Silhouette. She may be able to use 
the SS, but the area will be confined to a small circle equidistant 
on either side of her belly button below the belly button. Lily 
started using the SS about 2 - 3 year ago when the sofserter first 
came out. It goes in easy, but sometimes a little too deep. She now 
uses both the SS in front and the Sils in back in the area above her 
buttocks. If your daughter would like to talk to Lily, let me know 
and we can set up a time.

email @ redacted

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