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[IP] Air in the tubing.

Looks like some more clarification needs to be aired on this subject. I have
talked directly with mini med and read their materials offered on their web

One inch of tubing is .5 units of insulin.  Takes a great deal of bubbles to
make up 1 inch.  This is something that is diffucult to see if there is a
bubble and you are priming. Because some insulin can be pushing around the
bubble making it go slower or faster through the tubing.

Next thing.  How to take care of bubbles.  

1. Always keep your current insulin bottle you are using at room temps.
Don't switch back and forth. 

2.  When you open a new bottle for the first time.  Draw out about 3cc's of
air (only) this will create a vacuum in the bottle.  Only need to create the
vacuum  one time.

3. Shake up the bottle gently.  This will cause the bubbles in the insulin
to end up in the vacuum.  Insulin is a gasous solution, and this method will
de-gas the insulin.

4.  Then when going to draw up your insulin push in the "replacement" air in
first in the air part of the bottle.  DO not push through the insulin.  This
will only gas up your insulin.  Then turn the bottle upside down, and draw
up your insulin.  

5.  After you have drawn your insulin remove the needle, and leave an air
pocket at the top of the resevoir.  Let the resevoir stand on the plunger
side down on the table.  Leave it set for a few moments.  Probably while you
are preping your site.  

6. You will notice that the air will collect at the top.  You can then if
you have a few bubbles left you can roll the resvior around having the
bubble rotate around the top of the resevoir, and this tends to collect a
few bubbles. ( Hitting the resevoir for me only causes more bubbles but
sometimes thats what is needed.)  

You can check this info out at the mini med web site.  This info works for
both brands of pumps. They both use the same supplies. 1 Manufacture
produces the supplies and puts on the different company names.  (this is
according to an outside supplier of both company supplies)

Christene Ullom
"Sell crazy someplace else - we're all stocked up here" - Jack Nicholson
from "As Good As It Gets"

Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/