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[IP] Day One Pride

Well, yesterday was DAY ONE of the rest of my life with Diabetes and Diabetes
management.  I was using the Insulin pump with saline for the last two weeks.
Yesterday, I began using Insulin.  So far, so great!  Here I sit on day two,
ready for another great days of bg levels.

     You wrote about problems with your insertion of the softset.: "So my
question is, could it be the placement that is the source of the problems with
the first two sets?  (I am going to try to get replacement reservoirs for that
lot in case that is the problem, but the nurse doesn't think that likely).  I
had injected them both above the waist where I had never actually given shots,
the current one below, where I have been giving myself injections for many,
many years.  Do other women have this problem? (I had read that above is more
common for men, below for women.  My nurse had suggested I stay above for a
while because of all the usage below)."

     I, too have experienced this even in the last two weeks.  I am still
perfecting site location.  I asked my Diabetes Educator about such information
yesterday.  She said she has seen most females prefer to choose areas below
the belt line.  Most men, above the belt line.  She was not sure why, but that
the important part is that it is in the abdominal area.  I had the same
problem as yourself, but mine was much more difficult to detect during the
last two weeks.  Since I was on saline solution, rather than insulin, I was
not able to detect this through high bg levels (although I suspect this would
be the detecting factor now).  I actually had an uncomfortable feeling at the
infusion site.  No alarm even went off.
     The importance of self managing this disease through proper bg readings
is emphasized by this, eh.

     Well, time for day two to begin.  Hope you ALL have as great a day as I
expect to.


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