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Re: [IP] Health Insurance ~~~~


My husband is self employed and I am a dental hygienist working for a dentist
who is obviously self employed. We had a little difficulty obtaining
affordable insurance for our dental office due to Megan. We tried a "normal"
80/20 policy where you can go to any doctor. They accepted us but raised the
ENTIRE group rate 65% because of Megan. Obviously we did not go that route!

Then we found out about a POS plan. Point of Service. You can belong to the
PPO or the HMO. Because of Megan we had to belong to the HMO. The rest of the
office has the PPO coverage. But both the PPO and the HMO had most of our
doctors in it(including the dentist's). We obtained the insurance as a small
group. I think an individual policy would be impossible to obtain for a
diabetic without the ridiculous up charges.

Good luck and I hope your hubby gets to keep his job and his insurance!!!

Judy C.

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