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Re: [IP] It wasn't the coffee

In a message dated 10/26/98 2:13:40 PM Mountain Standard Time,
email @ redacted writes:

<< Well didn't we say we told you so MaryJean?  :-)   Anyway, now you need
 that coffee to do all that figuring.  But the alternate explanation is that
 your basal rates have been changing, and I'm sure you could keep the 20:1
 ratio if you adjusted your basals accordingly.  But, that to me seems to be
 much more difficult than just doing as you are, i.e., adjusting the meal
 boluses.  So I operate just like you now, with a flat basal and adusting
 meal boluses.   AND drinking lots of coffee!
 -wm >>

Thanks, Wayne!  You DID tell me so!  But the thing is, I did test my basals
and they were stable.  I'll continue to check them from time to time.  I just
think this is the next rung in my diabetes ladder.  Perhaps I'm experiencing
the loooonnnnggggeeesssttttt honeymoon period in history.  (it's been almost 9
years now!)


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