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Re: [IP] It wasn't the coffee

Well didn't we say we told you so MaryJean?  :-)   Anyway, now you need
that coffee to do all that figuring.  But the alternate explanation is that
your basal rates have been changing, and I'm sure you could keep the 20:1
ratio if you adjusted your basals accordingly.  But, that to me seems to be
much more difficult than just doing as you are, i.e., adjusting the meal
boluses.  So I operate just like you now, with a flat basal and adusting
meal boluses.   AND drinking lots of coffee!
- -wm

<<<<<<<From: email @ redacted
Remember my questions about coffee and blood sugars?  I've been conducting
research and have concluded that it wasn't the coffee.  (yippee!)  I started
by testing my basal rates, they were fine.  I abstained from coffee in the
afternoon and my bgs still rose.  I finally figured out that my carb to
insulin ratio has gone through a MAJOR shift.  I'd just been blaming
everything else. I suspect this has been going on for a few months now.
I used to use a nice, easy-to-calculate-in-my-head rate of 20:1.  Now it
appears like I need a rate of 18:1 for breakfast, dinner, and the evening, and
a 15:1 rate starting sometime midmorning and continuing on through the
afternoon.  I was surprised by the severity of the rate change, but hey, why
argue with what works!  I've been going with these for the past week and have
been having great results.  It feels good to feel good again!  The only bad
thing is now I have to carry a calculator with me all the time.  Oh, how I
liked that 20:1 rate....
Mary Jean>>>>>>>>>>>

- -Wayne 

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