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Re: [IP] leave the old set in

>>>> Sam Said:
- - there's another
thing I do. After disconnecting my pump and removing the old syringe and
tubing, I draw back the unused insulin in the tubing and old syringe and
inject it back into the vial before filling a fresh syringe. This way I
conserve the leftover insulin in the syringe and tubing, which according =
figures mentioned has to be at least 20+ units.

Yes, this insulin mixes with the fresh insulin and has been sitting in the
pump for a week, but I have not had a problem with loss of potency. I just
don't like to waste insulin.

I don't know if this has been mentioned before I joined the group. Does
anybody else do this?<<<<
Yes I do this, always have (for two years) and have never had a problem.   =
When I mentioned it on the list, it got a lot of negative feedback, but, =
you know, whatever works.....  My Diabetes Educator recommended it.  After =
all the insulin is not contaminated, it has been in the tubing and is =
going back in the bottle.  I re-use it in the next fill.  I too have had =
no problems.  =20

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