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Re: [IP] Stress and Basal Rates

Joanne Spotten wrote:
> Thanks for the explanation Ted.  I knew about the liver
> dumping glycogen in response to adrenalin but didn't
> know about the liver using sugar from the blood stream
> to replenish the glycogen.  It makes perfect sense now.
> I have liked answers to the why questions since
> childhood, but I want them even more with regard to bgs
> since the answers help me maintain good control. Since
> the pump makes my control so much better than MDI, I am
> really motivated to keep bgs within my target range.

Sounds like you need an alternate set of basal rates for 
stressful days. You would need to increase rates during 
the day and decrease them at night. May not even be that much
of a change, but the total insulin taken would likely equal
what you've been using.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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