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Re: [IP] leave the old set in

On Sun, 25 Oct 1998, Tina Farrell wrote:

> Leaving the old set in as Michael describes doesn't seem to me to guarantee
> that the insulin remaining in the set will move into the body. After all,
> it no longer has the pressure behind it to 'push' it into the body.
It is not the insulin in the set that you are worried about. That stays 
in the set anyway. It is the insulin that is in the tissue in a 'pool' 
that has not yet been absorbed. If it leaks out when you remove the set, 
you can not absorb it. If you really must see for yourself, bolus for a 
meal, immediately remove the set, and watch the little drop appear at the 
wound. I don't recommend this, but..... if you really have to see to 
believe, that's one way to do it. <vbg>


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