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[IP] Leftover Cartridge Insulin

Dear Group:

Answered my own question, by using the insulin-pumpers search engine and
found this, at

I. Reusing Leftover Insulin
- ---------------------------
When you refill the cartridge (or syringe), you probably have leftover
insulin. This is is a method of reusing insulin without mixing the old
and new. It should work with both pumps.

1) Remove the cartridge as usual.
2) Draw the plunger all the way back, filling the cartridge with air.
3) Point the cartridge up and mark the insulin level with a piece of
4) Shoot all of the leftover insulin into an empty insulin bottle.
5) Draw fresh insulin but only up to the tape mark.
6) Now top it off with the old insulin that you just shot into the other
7) Reattach the infusion set, prime, and replace in the pump as usual.

My method is not so complex, but the above does make sure the old insulin
is used up right away. This method also presupposes that you are reusing
the cartridge, which is discouraged by MiniMed.

Tina Farrell
Writing, Editing, Design
email @ redacted

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