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Re: [IP] Air in infusion tube...

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I've no idea why, but I find this problem comes and goes.

If you inject air into the bottle before you withdraw the insulin, you
are pressurising the air in the bottle, forcing more of it to dissolve
in the insulin. Once it's in the cartridge, it then comes back out of
solution, and the next gets into the tubing...

If you don't inject the air, you have terrible trouble getting the
insulin out of the bottle, and you can end up with air bubbles leaking
in from behind the rubber seals on the piston...

So what to do? These last few weeks, I've been sticking a 2nd bare
needle into the bottle, so as I draw insulin out, air gently bubbles
back into the bottle at the same time. Pressure is maintained. No air in
the cartridge.

Incidently, I find flicking the cartridge oftens makes the situation
worse, as it breaks up bubbles, makes them foam, and then I can NEVER
get them out! I strike a balance by being as gentle as possible (as in
all things :)

I once chucked out a brand new cartridge in deperation, as it seemed to
have special air-bubble sticking properties above and beyond the call of

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