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Re: [IP] Air in infusion tube...

At 06:22 AM 10/24/1998  Michael wrote:
>> >Is their *ant* way to get rid of air in the platic syringe
>> >set? ... and *know* you've gotten rid of it?
>My 15 year old taps the side of the syringe with a plastic ball

>pen.... whack... whack.... that works pretty well for her. She 
>doesn't bother with warming, etc...

That sometimes works, but I always seem to get some small
"sticky bubbles" at the top... they just won't move no matter
what I do (short of breaking the reservoir and smushing them
with my fingers). My CDE told me not to worry about it, if they
are small, and stick to the top. Since they aren't going
anywhere, they don't seem to hurt anything. 

Anyone know of a better way to deal with the sticky bubbles? (I
swear that I don't prime my reservoir with glue).


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