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Re: [IP] Stress and Basal Rates

Joanne Spotten wrote:
> The stress level has been off the charts at work the last
> 3 weeks.  The end of last week I started seeing highs during
> the morning and afternoon and lows in the late evening and
> night.  Before then my bgs were fine.  On Wednesday I made
> a decision that reduced the impact of the stress for me.
> The stress is still there and still affects me, it is just
> down in a more "normal" range.  My bgs have been fine again.
> I was really suprised at the lows in the late evening and
> night going away with the stress impacting me less.  They
> were consistent enough I was planning on profiling basals
> Thursday and Monday nights.  I almost always do a middle of
> the night bg so I am sure my bgs at night were low and have
> come back up.  I am pretty sure it was stress related.  Anyone
> else notice stress lowering bgs?  I am just trying to make
> sense of it since I though stress was supposed to raise bgs.

OK, but you need to understand that when the liver dumps some
glycogen (which results in glucose) into the bloodstream it is
lowering the stored emergency supply. When you relax in the evening
and go to sleep at night the liver needs refilling from the 
bloodstream, and it isn't concerned with other needs. So it
pulls it from bg during night time hours, resulting in a low.

There's no other source for it to get repaid than the "bank"
it deposited in earlier, even if by mistake.....

That's why we talk about "roller-coasters" here, after all.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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